What are signs someone is threatened or jealous of you?

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When someone is jealous of you, the people around them can sense it, but depending on hierarchy and status in the group, family, or whatever the setting, that person may continue to be egged on.

They ridicule you. You are always a topic on that persons lips. They may catch glimpses of you. Only one second, two minutes, you coluld even live right next door to them. They need to make themselves look strong, by ridiculing you. Because it could be something as simple as someone close to them paying attention to you, noticing you, even looking at you. The loud laughing or cackling. Often times whats probably been said about you isn't even funny, or vaguely amusing. Yet they laugh at the top of their voice because they need you to know, "i am ridiculing you."
"Look at me, im better than you." Deep down they dont actually feel better than you. It is a strategy used by them to ensure that those around them look upon you as small. They need to make you feel small, so they can look big. Deep down they often know the truth. Yet if you find yourself the object of consistent bullying, nasty comments, bitchy and spiteful behaviour, most of the time the validation their getting is not enough.

The objective is to break your spirit. That is the goal. If you look weak, if you look small, they can write you off as good as gone. So they persist, hammering away, forcing discusssions about you when there is nothing to be said. Wether you are the prettiest girl, or you dont find yourself to be the most attractive. Wether your the smartest girl, or you find yourself not especially the whizz brain. Something about you makes that person feel inadequate. You may be socially liked and very easy going, which is often an attractive trait, people take for granted how far such a nature can carry them.
If you know their behaviour reeks of envy, discontent, a jealousy and a need for control that is burning at them like acid. Keep that smile on your face and keep your head up.

Your head up is one of the most powerful counters you have. Body language works wonders. It says in bold print, you can't break me, you cant hurt me, i'm stronger than you, keep wasting your time and the little energy you have. Everytime you walk past that individual allow the stubborness in you to take root. Keep that head up. Keep that back straight and smile internally.

If they are spreading toxins to people around you, they are doing you a favour. Those are people you dont have to waste your breath on. If you are in a work scenario, and there's poisonous people like this about, keep your communication to them at minimum. If you have to team up with them, be as polite as possible, because your focus is the result. Your not their best friend, their not yours, but you have an objective to meet, ensure you meet it to the best of your ability. Be smart enough to know that someone who is envious of you may often be dumb enough to cut their nose off to spite their face. That means as your working for the good of the team, their so hell bent on sabotaging you, they may not work their hardest to keep you in a good light. If there is another party you can consistently report your progress to then do so.

Tell yourself everyday, i am happy, i am blessed, i feel loved, i am cherished. Celebrate the little things about who you are, and congratulate yourself for your minor achievements. In life what i've learnt, is people who are envious of you, judas's of your time, as much as they despise you still love to talk about you, will find ways to actually be near you, or even despite what they do as desperate for your attention. There's nothing more frustrating than those who rather than paying you a simple compliment so you can pay it back, thrive on their attempts to drown you.
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Do not allow yourself to drown in the chaos of someone else's emotional mire. This means someone else feels small, feels unattractive, unintelligent, as though everything they have is not enough, you become pulled into the riptide of their mess, and are swimming desperately for your life.

Wether it's an emotional connection, or an energy connection, if you dont have to talk to them, be their family member, their friend, distance yourself from them and any negative dialogue they intend to open up. You deserve to be happy, someone else's 'stuff' doesn't have the right to get in your way.

Some people argue that you should befriend those who are jealous of you, let them confide in you, show pity and empathy for them. If you can, i'd say that's great. Your self esteem is more valuable than any forced friendship. A friendship with someone who is overly jealous is like a time bomb, waiting to go off. How long will you have to keep your successes to yourself, how long will you have to keep every good thing that happens to you a secret? Stay positive and keep your head up, and your spirit up.


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