Using your enemy as your engine:How to deal with negative people

image by Zoulou81

Make your enemy your footstool
Use them as a force of motivation. If they try and hinder you, use them to help you. That anger you feel, the betrayal you feel, channel it. You don't want to be stuck in the same place, same location ten years laters saying 'this isn't fair.' whatever they did to you, it may not be fair.. What are you going to do about it?

It's not about them anymore it's about you. Have you spent a life time saying your a fighter, a strong spirit, someone unstoppable. Talk is cheap, proove it, to you and no one else. Fix your focus. Train it on something that can give you faith. Counter the anger you feel, with positive words and enough faith to move a mountain. Change your impression of your enemy, see them as your zeus juice, someone whose negativity you can use to motivate yourself. They are not your kryptonite anymore, they are your lucozade, powerade, any aid you can think of. Life uses people to teach us lessons about life and us as individuals. It doesn't always use characters we like. If it did, we would never learn anything.

When a challenge is too easy, it often goes unappreciated. Appreciate what your learning, they are lessons that will change your life.


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