The magic of mistakes: Why a bad mistake can be a good idea

You did something stupid. Boo hoo...if you'll pause to stop kicking your head in and exacebating your brain cells. The greatest people in history have made some of the stupidest mistakes. Perfection is not what were going for. Humanity is. As a human being you will make questionable choices, so long as they are not murder, terrorism, or some other behaviour that encourages de-progression in society, then your golden. Mistakes happen. Sometimes we surround ourselves with great pretenders, people who are so poised with their own disillusionment, they pride themselves on the lie that they have never made a single mistake.

The richest people in our society, the happiest, the most content people, had to make stupid mistakes.This was so they could learn from them, and became the masterpieces we see before us. Their mistakes made them interesting, their progress showed us they were evolving. Their success verified what their stubborness taught them, that if you push past the mistakes, the wrong turns, the bad ideas, somewhere along the way you'll  find a good idea. A break, an opportunity, to change your fate. You did something happens.

image by numbundermybetrayal


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