The emancipation of your imagination: Inspiration and where to find it

image by Jelly716

Your walking along a muddy pasture. It's expected anyway, but right there you see a huge pile of dung (shit). When you walk to the left of it, it kind of looks like a human hand, your Friend 'Ben' would probably get a real kick out of this. Although he has a carrot shaped like some bunny ears, and a mango with an indent that looks like MikeTyson .... Inspiration

Inspiration. It can be found somewhere and everywhere. If you don't pay attention, you wont discover it. Maybe it's walks you take, swimming, watching a movie, flicking through pages of an immaculate, uncreased, 1960's issue of vogue. If you don't look, you wont find. Seek, and search deep. Some people find inspiration when they spill too much jam on an overly cooked pancake, they invent a new recipe, maybe pancakes and chilli, with a hint of black eyed beans. A creative way to teach an annoying mother in law, not to intrude on an early sexual encounter with hubby. Whatever it is, Unlike the stories we've been sold many a time about geniuses like Picasso, monet and many others kissed with the gift of inspiration. Inspiration takes imagination, and imagination, takes work. A sense of freedom, and not torturing yourself with perfectionism. Anthony Robbins once said someone who worked for him had made the most genius statement. "We write for the waste paper basket," if your a writer anyway. Freedom to think, explore, design, adjust, should always be apparent in the initial stages.  Enjoy your work, but more importantly, enjoy why your working. Whenever you feel it is turning into a chore, amp up the music, switch on a seminar that motivates and inspires you, go renegade on yourself. There is enough energy, enough flow, to help you on your journey. Take yourself to a peaceful place of flow. It is your treat.


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