The chink in a challenges armour

image by MikeSchwarz

Facing a challenge is like a marathon. Yet in any race there are different athletes. Some athletes take the home stretch and power through till they collapse near the end with exhaustion, others pace the track, strategy heavy on their mind. Whatever your strategy or style one things certain, you are determined to get to that finish line, wether you walk, run, or crawl, you can visualise yourself at the end of it all, so why not go for it.

The only thing holding us back is often our fear. Has fear got a hand on your shoulder? It's not there to support you, it's there to disarm you.Tap inside that greater power, look deep within yourself. The next element we need we often have, we just are not looking closely enough.

Research is the key to any calamity. Meditate on New ideas, relax yourself before planning them out. Intimidating yourself with overwhelming pressure, will not be useful to you.


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