Sexy Geeks: From Geek Chic to magnifique ( Countdown to the sexiest tv Geeks)

1) Was it just me going slightly insane that super Geek hottie Alison Mac was not ending up with Superman? Chloe Sullivan was an amazing character in Smallville and i was constantly at the edge of my seat, throwing things at the TV when Superman Clark Kent, seemed to go for everyone but her. The fool was blind!

2) Oh my goodie goodie gosh. Claudia Donovan In Warehouse thirteen is not only brilliant, but she's constantly promoting the message that women are allowed to be incredibly smart, good looking, and free spirits. She Rocks!!
Allison Scagliotti rules!!

3) The O.C started off good and then sort get the drift. one of my favourite characters was Anna played by Samaire Armstrong


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