Rest : The millionaires guide to be radiant

Rest. How much does your body need this? How deeply are you lacking it? Some of us attempt to be superheroes in our lives, not taking the pause to appreciate what we have around us. We become machines, and alienate any concept of healing. It's do or die. To rest is to be lazy, slovenly. Sleep is for the underachievers or people on the dole we tell ourselves. There's so much to do and so little time.

The body needs rest, so does the mind, to rejuvenate itself, bounce back, and be electric for the days ahead. Those who have enough sleep are more energised, sharper, they've even been known to worry less. Statistics also show they have less illnesses, and are least likely to suffer from things such as high blood pressure. An epileptic who suffers from grand mal seizures is guaranteed to have more fits because of a lack of sleep, than if they have a healthy sleep regimen.

Sleep also gives the subconscious the opportunity to generate new ideas, or improve upon the one's it already has. Rest doesn't need to be sleep, rest can be going for a relaxing bubble bath, taking a nice stroll, anything that soothes the energy. Meditation is a great way to soothe your coiled nerves, or being comfortable on your sofa with some camomile tea. Maybe hot chocolate is better for some, whatever. The universe needs balance just as the body does. There's a time to be active, and a time to simply take in your surroundings, and enjoy.

image by martasyrko
image by alifan d4nvte


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