Prooving your paradise:The power of the spoken word

Set the tone for your life.Speak words of faith into your future. This is your fight for change, your fight for progress, people may come at you with negative information. Yet we all know the saying where there's a will, there's a way. Determined people always find a route, a path, and have a plan to reach their destination. You can talk them down, but it's hard work. They see themselves at the very top and they fight for it no matter where they are in life.

Are you broke? Unemployed, your career's not heading where you want it to to go, people aren't treating you with the respect you know your worthy of. It's not them, it's about you. Start making those plans, start building. Feel that motivation and that hunger coursing through your vains, feel it getting your blood boiling. Use your negative experiences to talk yourself into success, and not let anybody talk you out of it. People will sing about others who have failed before you, or tell you these positive progressive ambitions of yours are not worth a penny. They may not amount to anything. You could be wasting your time. You want a life with lessons your proud of. You want your dreams, your passions, to not simply be talk, you want to see them come to pass. Success is about taking what sits in your mind, and making it real. You awaken your passion, you jump and you stir yourself to life.

If your ignorant you will assume faith is a christian thing, 'those religious freaks are babbling again.' Faith is not. It's about belief, belief in yourself and what you can do, allowing yourself to get carried away on a tide of momentum. If you know you can do so much more, prove it!

image by dontbenice


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