Predictions of power: How to spot a powerful person

In this society we find ourselves overwhelmed with people who need to pronounce they have power. Some use positive ways to reflect their strengths. They believe in community and understand growth isnt about isolation, but effective communication. They become pompus with their little achievements, and their flashy things. Looking down on everybody else and announcing themselves as superior. Others use cruelty to promote themselves as leaders. If they can dominate and be a pack leader without using calm assertion, but snobbery and vindictiveness before themselves, they are god.
What is real power?

Real power is the ability to assess a situation, without judgement, without manipulation, with a clear head and a strategy to fix or resolve any problems. A powerful man/woman is not always rolling in money; but they will be, because their knowledge permits them to govern any room. Knowledge they have taken time to invest in, research they have done. Behaviour they have cultivated to show the world i am not making changes simply for myself, i am thinking of us. Focussed on progress, working with no selfish ambition, but the believe that someday, i can make a change for every one. They are the communicators, the listeners, those who take the extra time to listen before they judge you.

image by Meganlara


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