Lifting the lid off limitations

People are always talking about limits, and boy are they happy to tell you when you've reached yours.
How much is your Apr, can you pay your limitations off installmentally or is it a one year plan? You are not a credit card. You are a person, and a limitation is not a great word for the ambituos vocabulary. Focus on your potential and the possibilities around you. The law of attraction states that we get more of what we focus on. Is that what you want, more obsessing about what you cant do? Write a top 10 list of why what you aim for is possible, then make it twenty, then make it thirty. I imagine that you wouldn't have attempted this challenge of yours if you vaguely thought it was impossible. The world is full of impossible things. It's not just great people that have become millionaires, that have become happy, creative people. Passionate people, productive people. You wouldn't give up that easily on someone you love, do not give up on your imagination, it is a thing of beauty. Tap into it and push through the mess to take you to the peak of your happiness, or simply to engage in it. There is magic, mystery, joy and freedom there, simply if you believe.
  image by Gilad


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