labelling the liar:How to deal with someone's lies

image by karikarma

Liars know the secrets buried within their own hearts. No matter what they speak, deep down they know that they are being dishonest and there is an anger that comes with that. Anger that they weren't brave enough to tell the truth and face the consequences, especially if beneath it all lurks a good spirit. This would put them in a state of internal conflict. How do we define good? People who go to church ? Eat all their vegetables? Pay their mum's rent and bills? A good person will not suffer anyone their own personal consequences. They won't creep out whilst some other person deals with the consequences, or creep in secret hoping they won't have to bump into the person they've disappointed.

Outside of priests and the pope everybody tells lies. Maybe it's little white lies, or straight up denials. If your in the presence of someone who is a compulsive liar, it's time to move unto steadier ground. Someone you can trust is not decietful, and doesn't lie at the cost of someone else's reputation or theirs.

Liar is a label. Sometimes people are scared, and they lie. Insecure..and they lie, Some lie to protect the ones they love, others lie because it just comes easily. Be honest, if you know someone close to you is lying, or being dishonest, let them know you are aware of their dishonesty, and you will not condemn them for having the courage to speak up and tell the truth.

Simply put, the truth will set them free. If they continue with their lies you have to decide how much of their stories or fables your willing to put up with. Tell them where you stand on lies, set those boundaries, and make them clear. Explain that you are understanding, believe in compromise, but will not be lied to as if you were a fool. You are no fool.


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