Quiztime for Love: Why your allowed to ask questions

Hypnotic. That feeling you have when you really like someone and they invite you into their world. It's like the high of being on a theme park ride. Exhilarating, scary, nerve wracking, exciting. Sometimes that magical mood overwhelms us, and we don't think with our rational thoughts. We don't ask key questions such as, is this person right for me? Will they value me as a partner? Are they loyal? Have they shown so far that they respect me? Am i looking for fun or am i looking for a future? Am I looking for something in this person that I can't find In myself?

Ask the questions you need to ask, it doesn't demolish the romance. It adds some structure where sanity can sometimes be missing. It also makes us more aware that any form of love, romance, passion, should be reciprocated, and when were paying attention, we can see when it's not. It saves the painful plummet of heartbreak, or the chaos that comes with mistrusting our choices and skills of perception . How much are these person's actions matching their words? Do they actually like me, or am i being led on by my own romanticism. For the record all passion has it's high's then pen ultimately....it's lows. Are these feelings you are brave enough to pursue. So far what are their actions telling you about their character....consistently?
image by Hyeedaa


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