How to stop attracting ugly people

image by Michael O

How do you define ugly? When I was younger I identified ugly as a shallow thing. Looks that didn't match magazines. Facial features that were probably regularly insulted or impolitely interrupted. Now I'm a little bit older, I see ugly as character traits. Jealous or bitter women, guys who are cruel and too gutless to speak up despite behaviour being wrong, saboteurs, there's an endless list of ugly. Yet there is Beauty in the world,sometimes we don't look close enough.

Sometimes were so overwhelmed by how someone looks rather than who they are we dont take the time to see what is right in front of us. Do you find yourself constantly dating the wrong guy?Someone who is emotionally abusive, hurtful, a cheater, a user, unavailable. I bet some of you started dating him because on the surface...he was beautiful. Matte surface, neatly turned out, nice hair, nice eyes, nice mouth, great body, charming...then as the relationship developed you saw someone that was cruel, mean spirited, ugly. Only time revealed to you exactly who they were, and your lack of confidence made you an easier target.

Stop attracting these unappealing characters.

First remind yourself : You are beautiful, worthy of love, and have much to offer a special person; When i felt ugly not only did I attract some serious losers, but it was almost as though i had a flashing sign on my head saying. "Will settle for anything. Give me the scraps of affection you have." We all know the famous saying "People will treat you how you allow yourself to be treated."

Say it and mean it. If you are creating boundaries, stick to them and make them real. Dont continue to play emotional left field with yourself, this person who is making you feel small will attempt to make you feel smaller....and attract more loosers.

Say positive affirmations about yourself evey morning. I am beautiful, i am kind, i am loving, i am attracting more love, i am a magnet for love, beauty and harmony. I am balanced.

Take pride in your appearance. Wether it's a gloss, a touch of makeup or something cool from your wardrobe, enjoy and engage. Celebrate your own unique infinity. You can be anything you put your mind to, focus on all the great things about yourself. You are evolving, the mistakes you've made, some may be in the past, others haunt you in the present, set your mind like steel. You will not let them overwhelm you.


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