How to spot a toxic friend: Choosing friends wisely

It's important to hand pick your friends very carefully. If you associate yourself with bitchy people , gossips, envious people who specialise in putting others down, you will forever find yourself tiptoeing on thread, and flicking cautious glances behind your back.

You know what everybody else knows, if they can do it to other people they can do it to you. They are not trustworthy, and trust is the foundation of any relationship. People who build their confidence from putting others down are truly toxic.

When confronted their liars who specialise in giving others half truths. Their often quite charismatic, funny, charming...but their charm is fiction. The reality of their insecurities or inferiority complex is too much for the world to handle. They'd rather be a mime. Self esteem doesnt come from crushing the skulls of those who you feel may be easier targets. Self esteem comes from achieving and accomplishing goals you set out for yourself, and being a version of yourself you respect. Esteem is defined as seeing yourself as equal to or on par with those around you. Esteem comes from taking pride in yourself. In who you are and what you can become. Your too focussed on your own potential to have to throw spears at everybody else. You are busy . You have 'thangs' to do. Life wont wait on you because your insecure. Picking your friends wisely is very important in life. Positive people will help you grow, a negative hyena will scavenge your bones appart.

image by Shino Love Bug 248


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