How to find the love of your life

When choosing a partner or someone to cancel out the loneliness, sometimes we pick the wrong person. A good looking guy/woman with a poor character, someone who has a history of letting others down, or a person who is known to have in consistency when it comes to commitment. In the short term they may satisfy our physical needs, but what about our emotional needs?

What would you choose? Beauty fades.  Attraction may disintegrate over time, passion can become a precious memory. What qualities will you pick in a partner?Loyalty?strength and honesty?....Of course love. Choosing a partner can be hard work. Look beneath the surface. Pay attention to more than a pretty face, and keep looking. Boy oh boy have i learnt the hard way. You dont know someone in a minute. You dont gain and aquire their trust in weeks, months even. The story begins to unfold over time, you see the gaps, the holes even, and decide wether you'll stick it out for this one. Magnifying glass love is not what i'm talking about. People are like sandwiches it's up to us to see wether we'll wait around long enough to see what's in between.
image by murrme


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