How to deal with Life's distractions

image by Scott James Prebble

There will always be something to distract or throw you off a challenge you set for yourself. It was a seed you planted, an idea you had; but a friend calls, the tv beckons, a family member wants to have a ten hour long discussion about something which is barely pressing. You have work to do. It may make you unpopular for a little bit, it may bring out the moaners and the gossipers, it may make those around you become very suspicious. Yet because they are also a top priority, you explain very cooly and calmly, with much assertion. "I am making a choice, which could change my life, i love you, i want to spend time with you, but this is also a priority."

The future is all about the choices we make in the now. Choices that wont always make you the most liked, loved, appreciated, but choices which are pressing. Great futures don't simply happen with talk. Great futures don't just happen because some how, you managed to lazily weave what you needed to do, between the inner crevices of what we have to do. Our daily functions, which can be quite systematic. If you are planning to write and you say i'll produce an hour of work every day, do that. If it's exercise, an hour every day, make it happen. Singing, dancing, a computer program, do it. Your word needs to mean something to you. You need to trust your own word. I've been there there's nothing more frustrating than asking the tedious question, i said i would do this today, but will i? Do i trust myself enough to have the faith to take my work to the next level? Do i belief i've built up enough emotional strength to think i have the mental capacity to take on my own self doubt?

Consistency is the key. Reminding yourself that you simply have to start and you'll build up momentum from there. Get yourself into state, from there you will ease yourself into flow.


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