Doggy Ditchers: The worst excuses for giving up a dog

I never thought i would be writing this. I never thought i would grow to love my dog, as feisty as she can be. I have a bodacious beagle, who doesn't just bark but sing like she's on x factor. She was hell for a while, people warn you too late that beagles would be. Then something happened. We discovered a routine, patience, toys , gadgets, and a good friend who keeps our dog happy and helps us ensure there is balanced. Anyway the dogs trust released a list of some of the silliest reason's people get rid of their dogs. I found this on yahoo.

It's not as cute as it used to be

It's too big for the house

It barks too much

It snores too loudly
It can't do tricks

It keeps passing wind

It smells of dog

The dog doesn't match the sofa

It scares the goldfish

It keeps barking at butterflies

It doesn't look like he did on the website

The dog was too old and no longer brought me any joy

It hurts my back to pick up my dog’s poop

I need a smaller dog

He wouldn’t fit in my handbag or wear the outfit I bought him

It can’t walk on the lino in my house

The dog gets too much attention

The dog doesn’t like me (after 24 hours)

My dog is teaching me patience. I imagine there will be times where it will be challenging. When i first got my beagle i wasn't experiencing the Lassie, or TV advert connections they bribe you with through media. The dog will not instantly become your companion, the bond will not happen immediately, it takes time, training,support. Wether it's dog training classes or just walking your dog with a steady routine. Walking, swimming, exercising together,bonding. We need to gain our dogs trust, they are out of their comfort zones. Human beings can be quite selfish, we decide that were lonely, or this dog would look so cute on our arm, we dont think of the work that would come with it. A dog isn't just for christmas. Some dogs are easier to handle than others, but with everything in life, they take time, care, and patience.


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