Defining the distinct:What is love?

What's love? Every month due to my epileptic episodes tied to my period, family members take time to support me. They help me with breathing, cancel their shifts, inform friends that their busy and may not be able to make adventures they planned, because they want to keep an eye on me, and make sure I'm alright.

They share what they have, knowledge, experience,finance, growth. Their education becomes part of my education. People who love you want to see you grow, they want to see you happy, and they tell you what you don't want to hear but need to know.  Love is the ability to take one for the team. To guide, support, listen, care,make a sacrifice. One word encompasses all these things and so much more. Then there's loving yourself, that's work, but worth it in the end you get to face the world and say I accept all my flaws.
Image by scun, love


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