Crippling corruptive circumstances

image by vs3

Circumstances are not the standard. Things happen so we learn, we fight, we rise above them and show ourselves exactly what we can do. So the next time circumstance happens, we can say to ourselves I've been here before, I know myself, i trust myself.I have faith.

Use your circumstances to empower your mind. Decide that you aim to get the better of circumstance, rather than your circumstance get the better of you. Whatever your going through, it is a time and a place. This is where you will begin to see if you are a testament of your own faith.

Affirm, think, take positive action. It is so easy to suffocate in the mess of the situation, sink into self pity, and ask a million question's why. You've asked the why, lets focus on the what next.

Plan your steps wisely. Look for opportunities despite your blurred vision. Take action.


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