Cheating the cowards out of your joy:How to deal with bullies

image by Cloudsalangakeel

Cowards always lurk in the shadows. Their there for the explosions, fireworks, they want a pat on the back for the feistiest comment. Yet we've all seen cowards in the street and been disgusted by how little they had to say without a standing ovation. They are cowards for a reason. Weak you cannot expect much from them as individuals, the consistency is to disappoint.

You  have to ask yourself another question? What growth is there to come from someone with no real identity, weak and rides on the destruction of others. If you have running shoes tie them tight, you have become an athlete...sprint for your life. Negative energies Feed off  a strong feed. Focus your mind on positive things. Your strengths, your goals and your ambitions.

Build a mental log of all the things that make you happy, call on them when you feel vulnerable. For example if you love to go to the cinema, go to the cinema. Shopping, shop, swimming, swim,

Speak positive powerful things into the universe and use consistent action to secure them. Visualise your joy, visualise your success. Think as though the world is your oyster.


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