Building yourself to bonus: How to stay positive when others tear you down

It's easy to start tearing yourself down because others do. We make the mistake of thinking we have to agree with everyone. If someone tries to tear you down, ridicule you, make you look small so they can look and feel important. Remember they have an agenda, and that agenda wont get them very far. Whatever you do, dont get caught up in their mess, don't find yourself drowning in their issues, because you're better than them, and that's why they tried to pull you down in the first place. Laugh as loudly as you possibly can, be as happy as you are, and as loving as possible over and over and over again. Let their misery rot them and not you. Sometimes we even try to reach out to those who have belittled us or made us feel small, because in our hearts, we want to show that we are better people. Focus on your life, and on your journey. Karma is a very busy bee, it catches up to even those that think they are above it. Fight for your happiness, and live your life. You only get one.Don't let someone negative live in your head rent free,keep your head up, embrace the positive things in the universe, give love, recieve love, and choose wisely. You are worthy of respect.
image by squirsh01


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