Adam Lanza goes ape shit and blows the world away

America please stop making guns so easily accessible to your public. Another kid has popped the cork in the U.S. of A. 20 year old Adam Lanza decides he wont just gun down his mother (a school teacher),  in a good ol Connecticut elementary school; he'll slaughter 20 children and six adults. The therapists and specialists on news media produce the same story's they hide behind; he was a loner, spent a lot of time by himself, his parents divorced maybe he just snapped because of that. I have to argue that the world is full of loners who aren't going round killing everyone, children who come out of broken homes extremely successful and incredibly happy. That's a poor excuse. If he just snapped did anybody reach out to him, offer him assistance, help in anyway. The aging process can be quite brutal, and some of us who are not aware were on the wrtong path, or those suffering with mental health problems, can become too scared to reach out and get assistance. The sad thing is this guy's performance will create a stigma for other people who suffer from mental health problems and ensure it's harder almost impossible for them to function in society as quote on quote normal people. People who vaguely keep to themselves will become questionable, and paranoia will reel it's ugly head. Young men need to know having a gun doesn't automatically mean you have the biggest cock in the world. In fact it almost disempowers because it's cheating. Guns outside of the police department should be used as an instrument of protection. Sadly internationally it's rumoured that purchasing a gun in  America is almost as easy as buying sweets. Although i dont believe all rumours. America please tighten your gun laws for the sake of your children.

R.I.P to the lost loved ones.


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