Face front first: Cultivating confidence

Some people are told their personalities rub people up the wrong way, their not strong enough, not loud enough, not quiet enough, not humble till their eating dirt enough. I ask the question...Am i to be enough for me, or enough for you. Life drags us through the mud and the mire. There are many of us who envisioned our lives a certain way, and grope with distress in the dark. I used to have friends who would whisper like snakes, judging like a jury panel, about people who learnt to stomach their pain, daring to walk with their head held high, pride hanging off them like robes. It made my friends feel jealous, inadequate, judgemental, and sometimes cruel. I quickly took leave. It's easy to tear someone down, ridicule them, for having strength, yet could you be that strong in their shoes?Would you even be able to tie your shoe laces? Would you be able to pick your eyes up from the stains on the floor, would you need puppet strings for your shoulders? It's often very attractive women, or people that appear to be confident, or bold, or brave,or successful that we as a society need desperately to know their place. Yet it's not your life, it's theirs. If there's a lesson to learn the universe will teach them it. Once i was pissed off at someone for so long i didn't realise my malice wasn't making them change what i believe was the wrong behaviour. When i attempted to take charge of my own life, and focussed my energy on me. I realised condemning them, or whining, or complaining about their behaviour wasnt making me right, it was making me mean. Mean people are not happy people, and happiness attracts in abundance. The world doesnt need to be directed according to our rules, our main rules should be to be happy, have self esteem, and cultivate the free flow of positive energy.

image by A-T-I-S


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