Dating as a minefield: Are you about to emotionally combust

Dating can feel like a minefield. Honestly there are thousands, no millions of does he like me, does she like me? Are these signs they find me attractive questions that bombard the internet daily. I have discovered with much trial and error, if someone is attracted to you, they could be the shyest man on Earth...they want you to know somehow. Those lingering stares are great, people who fancy you always want to be near you, even if there's just a hint of a possibility they might bump into you....They want to see that hair do, new outfit, say hi, or have a brief encounter that could be slightly prolonged. Some go as far as buying you gifts, or popping up everywhere you are, asking questions about you, inviting you to places, or the more confident of the bunch simply ask you for your telephone number, and guarantee you'll have the time of your life.

I've learned with much agony not every man or woman that gives you attention are the right partner for you. Beneath a hollywood smile could lurk hell on Earth, so choose carefully. The worst mistake is being so desperate not to be alone you fling yourself at the first guy/chick you see. Know which qualities you want, set your boundaries and decide what doesn't appeal to you. People forget the reasons they want to date, is because they want to be happy. Enjoy life, share themselves with someone. Dating and a relationship should not feel like a chore. We should at least experience some of the ideals we yearn for. It's a journey and an adventure. As much as you learn about your partner you begin to learn more about yourself. If you are seeing someone and it feels like a minefield watch out, you didn't start dating to emotionally combust.

image by Faylin
image by gilad


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