Danger in disguise: How to deal with a wolf in sheeps clothing

If he had continued to show this version of himself, slumped shoulders, soft eyes, the please feel sorry for me invisible tag wrapped like a collar around his neck, until....the dynamics changed. I showed him a vulnerability, this vulnerability made him feel so empowered he began to feel superior. I'm not talking your average i'm Mr Nice guy because i have no confidence, peel the layers back...oh look i'm scum. We all have those moments when a wolf shreds it's mutton, and flashes the fangs within. The wolves in sheep clothing. That's right, if you've come across them, your hurt, you feel sick, betrayed, and some of you may even feel victimised. I have something that will cheer you up. You can recover from this. You will be sore for a while. Maybe it's your boss deciding to terrorise you, a guy you liked who didn't like you back but decided the best way to express this was cruelly through nasty comments, or mob humiliation, a friend who alienates you when other top dogs in the 'hierarchy' are around. Guess how you can get your power back? Deciding your worth ten of them and making a point to cut, no sever this person's toxic behaviour not just from your life, but from your energy. The ego tricks especially weak characters like this. They may have been made to feel small, inadequate throughout their life, instead of dealing with these issues, which guess what....everybody has..They decide to feel strong by making you feel weak. The ego is a funny thing. That high or that hit they have of false empowerment doesn't last long. When the haze clears, and there's no audience patting them on the back, they remember the truth. They remember the moments of kindness. Some will start calling you, others will start happening to bump into you, or they want you to know their still around. Grudges only punish us. Forgive in your heart, but step carefully. I usually cut out people like this. Their poison comes from their consistent feelings of inadequacy, and if they do it once. They may have the same motivations to do it again

image by ishtrish


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