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Billion dollar bank account (Understanding wealth consciousness)

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The most inspiring video ever!!!!!This video is something spectacular

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Mastering Faith: The universe and her dreams

Steve Jobs rules of Success: Awesome video

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Motivation in Spades: Will Smith, king of the right information

Picking the right people to help build up your dreams

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Persistence and consistency

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Joel Osteen: God makes miracles out of our mistakes

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luv this video:A.S.A Jailer

The downside to competition

How to get over someone you never dated

Secrets of the millionaire:Wealth consciousness (fab Video)

Fantaaaaastic: Teen Millionaires awesome vid

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The difference between Rich people and poor people:interesting video

Luuuuuuuuv it: LES BROWN ROUND 2, Motivation


luv this:Life branding, How to deal with haters

Hoooooot Native American men-luuuuuuuv it!!!

Sexiest love song ever made-imagine exploding to this!!!!!

The sexiest man in music -2face idibia luuuuuuuuv it!!

Jealousy and gut instinct (It's not your imagination)

How to attract the girls you like...Hot guy gives great advice

How to be a bestseller-if your a writer meet your new best friends

The most patronising dating interview i've ever seen- Wakeup he's a shapeshifter by craig whedon

U2 with or without you-love this song

Dido song closer you get-perfect summation of a crush

The ultimate summer song-Bare Naked Ladies Pinch me

Avril Lavigne does Coldplay? AAAAAAWESOMENESS

Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus -awesome cover by Gabrielle Aplin

How to not be lead on by a shy guy