How to not care what other people think and be happy

picture by sucker4 black

I've always cared too much about what other people thought.Sometimes obsessing over what people think is a fate worse than death. It leads to an obsessive distraction. People who you know are completely irrelevant to your life, your goals and ambitions, become your god. It hit me today. I asked a question about someone's behaviour. I realise i was asking the same question about the same person obsessively. For years i defended this argument. I defended it with passion, outlining the reasons, the vulnerabilities, the anger, the hurt, until it hit much wasted time. If i were to calculate the time i'd wasted trying to validate this persons behaviour as wrong and mine as right. It'd give you a headache that will break your heart. Wasted time, wasted potential. On what? Someone who was busy worshipping an insecurity complex of their own. Someone whose bad behaviour stemmed from a feeling of loneliness, someone who is already struggling with their own pain. Life is too short. Time cannot be ravaged trying to control something that's completely out of your hands. We cannot control the people outside of our intimate lives, yet we have to embrace, there's a reason their kept as outsiders in the first place. A reason we keep them at bay. How do you handle people who because of whichever history, whatever Personal vendetta, are trying to sabotage your energy? You fight to be happy anyway.


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