Dating momma's boys: Ladies a delicious clip of what to look forward to...YUM!!

Whoaaaaaaa if i had a mother like this, i'd be terrified to even breathe. Momma's boys is a show where a guy, and his mother are both put in a mansion with loads of hot tottie and she helps him decide who the right woman for him is. Momma's boy's are often ruled by domineering, overbearing mothers who are terrified of being replaced.This is why women all around the world drrrreeeeeeeeeeead datingmomma's boys.

This is an extreme case,but you get where i'm coming from. There are though some guys whose mother have a positive input towards their dating experience, less scared of being disposed of, more happy that her son has simply found, someone who likes him for who he is. They have their own opinions don't get me wrong, but they believe in advising, rather than bullying, throwing tantrums, and manipulating. They trust their sons judgement.


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