Question Hotspot:How to make it up to a boyfriend if your playfully hitting Him?

Not every guy likes to be playfully hit or punched.In fact most guys confess to finding it slightly annoying after a while.How do you make it up to a boyfriend your playfully hitting? The two obvious ones would be food and sex. Cook his favourite meal for him, take him out to his favourite restaurant,make sweet love to him, or even just buy him a Teddy bear and jokingly say "This is for you, you big softie." But give him a formal apology.

There is another part to the question. Wondering if your being a good partner or not. Many people who have entered or are experiencing a relationship, stock up on information books to help them build that knowledge base, and aid them with improving key aspects of their relationships. The key to any relationships are trust, communication, and honesty. But i've also known people who despite being in 'successful relationships' gorge relationship books by the dozen, and it makes a dramatically positive change in them and their relationship.Relationship advice Sometimes being in a relationship can feel like treading on water, and ofcourse we all have those circle of friends that make us feel like were doing everything wrong, and their doing love to perfection. Knowledge is power. Often times the feelings or the fear that were not doing things correctly, or everything is not amazing all the time, can create tension in a relationship, negative energy builds, and we miscommunicate ourselves.
Ultimately your asking how you can ensure, your not tripping all over your boyfriends boundaries, and attempt to have a fulfilling relationship. Have a private chat, in a relaxed atmosphere where he can be emotionally honest about his pet peeves, or likes and dislikes in the relationship. I'd advise anybody to read as much as possible. Below are a collection of books i think are mighty useful. Most importantly, relax on the pressure, no relationship is perfect.


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