Question Hotspot:Are men ever sensitive about what nicknames their called?

As long as your not shouting "hey dickhead" to the guy you like across a public forum,i don't believe men are over sensitive about being called such things as babes or baby. These are common terms of endearments. It means we are comfortable, familiar with that individual. Note to self:If calling the guy of your dreams babes, baby, honey, sweets, cutie pie, makes him flinch...stop doing it. It could mean a number of things he feels uncomfortable with these terms of endearment, and finds you overfamiliar. He doesn't like you giving those around you the wrong idea, or ....he may not really like you too much. Words like babes or baby, are often adopted to show warmth and a closeness to someone,even when certain 'crony phonies' people who have a need to promote their popularity, and show they know everyone may use words like babes or baby. Simply put, you may know everyone but can easily forget everyone's name. The point is, if a guy reacts negatively to a term of endearment, he may not like the term yet most likely hemay not like you.


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