Question Hotspot: Do compatible signs make compatible people?

Compatibility of sign!!! Does it give you a guarantee that you are meant for each other?
If your sun sign, venus and mars are all compatible or lets say all other sign in birth chart...does it give a guarantee that you are meant for each other? Or Astrology is just something that give a person an idea of how others behave, react, feel, deal w/ others according to their sign. And the rest is still on the hands of our creator above

Nothing guarantees a perfect relationship. Astrology in it's entirety does not define a superior immaculate relationship. We may find that we have certain things in common, with certain types of individuals, but this isn't always to do with star signs. For example Sheila may feel she is constantly in sync with Libra's, "I always get along with Libra's, their such a gas." Yet here's a key question. There are over 600 billion people,some of them are Libra's. Has she met every Libra in the whole world? No. Infact there are probably some Libra's out there she hasn't met, that are complete and utter nightmares. What she has done is attached a positive recreational memory to Libra's. Maybe she's met 3/ 4 nice guys/people, and made an internal statement that Libra's are nice people.

There's also the impact of media, and published articles validate particular star signs as having particular traits. As society is often governed by media, certain people will read these items, and that adds to the consensus different star signs behave in different ways. The same goes with the other star signs. It's really about the individual personality and how they balance out. Their history, and how they choose to behave within a relationship when they are comfortable. The difference between a person comfortable within a relationship and someone whose

uncomfortable,is simple. People who are comfortable in relationships are raw, and their real. They are relaxed enough in their skin to show the different facets of their personality within that relationship, they trust themselves therefore they trust themselves in order to deal with you. Stiff people in relationship often have what i would define as 'relationship behaviour' they act how they think they should behave within a relationship,pressure mounts, and miscommunication ensues. Compatibility and star signs will continue to fascinate and boggle the mind of human beings everywhere. Star signs are fascinating. Their alignment with human behaviour, partnerships and life itself will always appeal to the romantic notions, and the curiosity we have about the cosmic world. Yet, a star sign is only a generalisation of human nature. It's not the intimacies, the private and independant history, it's a combination of psych, human curiosity, and the need to believe there's so much more to a world, that at times may feel too basic to bare. You can explore more of your theories on this page.


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