The media is rife with questions as to wether Rupert Murdoch's B SKY B, business venture will still go through? Of course it will. B sky B will think tactically. They'll either let questions about this float around to acquire more publicity, wait till the waters settled a little and then shake hands, or have another company indirectly related to Rupert Murdoch seal the delicious deal. Rupert Murdoch is a juggernaut of business, there is no way he's leaving any conference room without a smile on his face. This is the same guy 'supposedly', that faked a war so his papers would sell more. Does the world believe seriously, that he didn't know about phone hacking, or wasn't the one that planted that gem of an idea to his employees.Let's not pretend he didn't know about it somehow.

Even more hillarious the Church of England pulled the funds out from News Of the World, what hypocrisy, so hold on were not supposed to gossip, but we can invest in scellatious gossip, and a man who is infamous for using sneak tactics to get exactly what he wants. Meanwhile an army of people who have dedicated their lives with professional decorum will be out of a job. The culprits of the phone hacking inquiry, will use their contacts and slip easily into new work force opportunities, and all the businesses that PUBLICLY pulled out of doing business with Murdoch, will wait a bit, then quietly reinvest.


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