Hard Candy(awesome movie) Ellen Page, Patrick Wilson

This Kick ass thriller will have you biting your nails till their bleeding.Written by Brian Nelson,and Directed by David Slade, Hard Candy starring Ellen Page, and Patrick wilson is a warning to Paedophiles everywhere. A (2005) psychological thriller this film will turn you into an Ellen Page groupie. Ellen Page is phenomenal in her performance of Hayley, a charismatic young girl, who sets off to lure a 30 something year old Fahion photographer (Patrick Wilson) she met on the internet. Sandra Oh (Grey's anatomy) makes a small cameo.It's about how a young mastermind exacts her own brand of revenge against a paedophile.Virgin innocence, buoyant, and sweet, who would have thought such purity could house such Dark intent. Enough suspense to give you a heart attack.
Powerful, provocative, thought provoking, stunning.This is far from Ellen Page's comic portrayal of a young pregnant teen (Juno).

Juno [DVD] [2007]

Intense, engaging, once the film screen lights up, you'll turn to the person next to you and say "Jesus dude i have to have that in my collection." Buy your copy here, or other tidbits, Start your own Redebony collection


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