Emotional Blackmail

Hi everyone,
just to say thanks a lot for supporting my blog.If you find any products you like feel free to purchase them here, and join the movement. If your bold enough to pledge click the donate button, and lets go buck wild.
Let me share with you my own brand of emotional blackmail. Despite being skint, i've tried to pursue my ambitions in business, organise a support system for young people and start up my own social enterprise. Any good? Some good, some bad. Here's where the emotional blackmail comes in. After acknowledging that if i was any more skint i'd have a bowl for a coin box in the middle of the street somewhere. I heard this awesome story about this chick who started asking people to pledge money because she abused her credit card and was about to be kicked out of her house. Guess what? I have no credit card. I didn't get carried away buying over expensive shoes, clothes, and other goodies. No dis to anybody that likes that, so go wild here, on the red ebony page purchasing goods and pledging online....I refuse to go down without a fight. We've all been there. You know when your day couldn't get any lower, and the bill collector comes, or some idiot, in some faraway la la land sends you one of those 'you owe us money,' or even crueller, the 'you've won a prize with a fake cheque attached to it.'


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