Ultimate abs workout: Trigger happy tv, The funniest show ever

Why on Earth did they stop trigger happy tv? It'sone of the most hillarious tv shows ever. After having a pseudo mini self pity moment, my sister convinced me to watch trigger. Infact i didn't really need much convincing. Hillariously comic, creative, insane, trigger happy is one of those shows you watch and think geeze i wish i was filming it when they did that scene. I was cackling and holding my stomach for hours, it gave my abs the work out they deserve. Laughter as emotional medicine....Definitely. Through a breakup, a mini meltdown, stress at work, and various other forms of misery, if you're looking for a friend. Trigger happy is your jokes companion. Truly unreal.

trigger happy tv


  1. I go to the gym back at my house but down here there is none. I don’t even have any of my abdominal exercise equipment . I just have my pair of running shoes, a whole shore town, the beach, and a local park. What kind of fitness stuff should I do.


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