Top ten most addictive songs + more: Red ebony's Fuel for Life

Jens Lekman

Dido Closer you get

Dido Hunter

Maria Mckee Show me heaven

Tupac Starin through my rearview

Tupac Pain

Bloc Party helicopter

Bloc Party, Pioneers

Tracy Chapman, Crossroads

Alanis Morissette, Hands Clean

Alanis Morisette, Head over feet

Kaysha, Fiona

Awilo Longomba

Eddie Dee ft Zion Amor de pobre

Shakira-Objection tango

Coldplay, Viva la diva

nada Surf, Where is my mind

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Stay

The contours, Do you love me

Red hot chilli peppers, The Zephyr song

Red hot chilli peppers, cant stop

Red hot Chilli Peppers, tell me baby

TLC, no scrub

TLC, Get it up

Skunk anansie,Hedonism

Desiree, You gotta be

Rod Stewart, the first cut is the deepest

Sheryl Crow, The first cut is the deepest

Joan osborne

Shaun Boothe,Muhammad Ali

Gyptian, Hold yuh

Noriega, What What

Nas, nas is like

India Arie, Video

Jon B, They don't know

Fugees, Ready or not

Fugees, Fugee-la-la

Fugees, nappy heads

Da brat, Funkdafied

Da Brat, i dont give a....u

Da Brat, That's what i'm looking for

Jay Z ft eminem renegade

Nirvana, smells like teen spirit

Enigma, Return to innocence

Hans Zimmer, you're so cool

and that's just this week.It's worth a smile people.


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