Striving for succes: Success and stubborness

I've set a challenge for myself. A goal. most of my goals and my dreams started off far fetched, but every single one of them i've accomplished. I started a photography company. Despite dealing with the trauma of a physical attack that left me with post traumatic stress disorder, my epileptic seizures, and my panick attacks. I have come to the conclusion that the universe has allowed me to proove what deep down i always believed in my heart. I am an unstoppable force of nature.

I have accomplished a photoshoot with the FA cup, Sainsbury's, The Mcdonalds corporation, the red pr company. I also achieved many things i'm thankful for in my journalism background; including work with such leading magazines as Company, New nation, BFM.I even got to meet one of Naomi Campbells designers and make plans to compile a clothing catalogue for her.I'm still improving my camera skills but around the time i'd accomplished all of these things, the only thing i could do with a camera was position and click. I was more guts,ambition and creativity.

So i continue on my journey.I have set a new goal for myself. Something secret and delicious.I've failed at many things in my life, but i kept pushing,kept faith,and trust in the universe. I didn't smile all the time. Attempting to succeed produces an emotional bag of tricks.
The same stubborness and determination that frustrated others, was part of the strength that carried me.

Never let people tell you who you are.
Never let them define you.
Never give up on yourself.
Never stop.
We don't know what the universe has in store for us. We can redefine and re position our own destiny. We can fight for a vision we see, hear, taste, feel. A positive vision.
The people around you won't always support the route you take.Even when it's positive.People will tell you your mad, insane, ridiculous. Yet there are those the real gems of our society, that won't just listen to what you say, but will return quite politely. "How d'you think your gonna do that?
I heard about this guy....or girl, if they did it, you certainly can."

images by deviant art ( ambition by ARTMONKEY90, Ambition by cat Herine Elenore, the room by Paulalalocu)


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