How can you tell you have a crush? Que vid

Wow we've all been there, the beginnings of a crush. Threading on wire, rehearsed an almost perfect diction,theme park stomache, stones in your throat, sweaty palms, and the heightened anticipation.

Were always scared we'll do something wrong in front of our crush, and aren't those perfect insecurities magnified times ten.

Funny things make me realise i have a crush.For example normally i wiggle my hips when i walk, when my crush is around or even in the vicinity, i walk ruler straight, divert gaze constantly, or stare intensely.

Pick smart sounding words, and...this is the mover and shaker. Slowly peel my jacket off, then nervously put it back on again. I have strange habbits like keeping a jacket on when i feel uncomfortable, it's an ocd thing. Or i'm always the martian you see wearing a bomber jacket in oven heat, or tight mini shorts when the sky's sobbing with rain. Anyway i saw this clip about how it feels to have a jolly i had to share it.


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