Defining Love: Lord of the Rings Gandalf as genius

I used to think love was all, starlets and glamourous on screen kisses. It was the beat of a heart, or the throb of a vein. I used to think it was that moment where the characters lock gazes, like the click of a key in a lock, or the tumble of entwined limbs in the darkness.

As idealistic as i was, i figured love was knowing,caring, understanding one another.Love is about so much more than this. Strangely enough through the trials and tribulations of relationships gone sour, snobbed and treated with disdain by crushes. I remember once sobbing in front of someone and they literally just stood there, as if to say 'what the hell are you doing?' Obviously it was a guy,some guys can be quite weird when you go into water spasms. I realised for the first time everybody has their different experience of love, and their own internal, non textbook requirements of it.

We spend our whole lives, trying to be strong, a smile superglued to our facial expressions, or words that sound neat and are folded together so tidiliy. I've spent a lifetime fighting for myself, defending myself, combatting with being hypersensitive, and frustrated that outside of my family, there was no one that had shown they would genuinely stand and fight. Genuinely protect, genuinely support. I've dealt with OCD, epilepsy,panic attacks at some points some hillarious paranoia's, love for me would be protection,understanding and patience.

Gandalf the grey said something so amazing in Lord of the rings, i literally blinked and rewinded the scene 5 times. He was talking to Merry one of the halflings he said, "It's the deep breath before the plunge."

That's how i'll describe love. Scary, nerve wracking, theatrical, dramatic,emotional, charming, can even get routine. Love is the deep breath before the plunge....and we all want some of that.


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