Coolest car ever? Or maybe not

There's been the porsche, Lamborghini,Mercedes Benz......what the hell is this?
More to the point what would you do if your date picked you up in this thing? If your an eccentric, you may literally be blown out of the water. If your maybe a little the word crazy? I haven't decided yet. If you absolutely loathe this car would you still lie through your teeth and say "sweet ride homes." Or would you just stand in awe of it vaguely stupified. I call it the marmite car, you either love it or loathe it, yet the more i look at it the more endeared i am. Love or hate it, there is no doubt the designer is a total genius, living in a castle somewhere. AAAAAAAAAAWESOME!!

How about this version of it? The car is called the aptera...i think


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