When my nephew was younger he could speak primarily french. He had this statement he used to make 'wow regarde.' Which basically means, wow...look! Pure Luck is one of those hillarious movies you go off after a few years, watch again, and go 'wow regarde'. I usually watch it after a breakup, a rejection, or something too traumatic to talk about. Starring the comic Martin Short, and Danny Glover, pure luck is sheer brilliance. When the rich Mr Highsmith's daughter, infamous for her bad luck goes missing in mexico, Danny Glover a well respected P.I is put on the case and assigned a sidekick. Martin Short a walking disaster area, said king of calamities joins him on their hillarious adventure to find the missing woman and answer the question....is there such a thing as bad luck? Personally i'm too stubborn minded. I believe we make our own luck in life, carve our own paths. You can drag yourself through it, stumble blindly, or glide with reverence. I'm a stumbler, but i always get there in the end. Watch it, it's absolutely fantastico!


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