Amanda Hocking best selling writer meets Kanye West moment..Perfect way to handle rejection!!

Sad as it might seem, the whole vampire fiasco is not way over my head. I enjoy the cheese as much as the next emotionally starved romantic. Yep, who would have thought, me, adult in tone and fashion sense, okay not so much fashion, has become one of the zombies. As if Buffy wasn't a treat, there's now Twilight, Vampire diaries, True Blood, jesus it never ends!!
As a writer though, my present joy is Amanda Hockings originally 'self published' vampire novels.  Ha! and they said it couldn't be done. Not only are Amanda's Trylle trilogies, making waves over the internet, Amanda Hocking has made a fortune from 'self publishing, and is on her make some more. Instead of being overthrown by rejection after rejection Amanda decided to dig her heels in and have a Kanye West "you can't tell me nothing" moment, and a Mr T " I pity the fool" genius of a career strop. Over 450,000 copies of Amanda's books have been sold as ebooks, plus paperbacks, USA today have listed it as one of the top 50 bestsellers. Whatever Amanda's doing...It worked!! Agents are responding like thoroughbred puppies at a showjump, if the internet was human, he would be high right now. As Amanda capitalizes on the buzz, not only are we looking at another potential movie sequel, by the year end Amanda could be worth millions. Good job! A sublime way to deal with snooty rejections.


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