Too hot to trot: Why black is sexy

Black women around the world seem to suffer from, he doesnt find me attractive. Therefore...i am not. When did we promote a society that needed so desperately the opinions of the brainwashed massses, to validate our youth, beauty, journey, and skin. The media may always promote light as right, the aim is not to alienate people of a fair skin, but accept your beauty and celebrate theirs. We have young women, bleaching their skin, being called monkeys by men of their own race, believing that they were not made fearfully and majestically by god. Would you rather be the woman who gets a lot of ungenuine affection from men who want to use her for sex, or would you rather be acknowledged for your confidence, intelligence, wit, charm, eccentricities. Identify your strengths. There is a lot of power in being a woman, we are mysterious, enticing, seductive, magical, enlightening, charming, heroines, leaders, and friends. The next great leader could be the fair skinned girl in the seat beside you, it could be the Asian girl, the mixed race girl, and it could be you. Connections are about character, beauty fades quickly. Those images we worship in magazines are based upon not a mass representative, but social conditioning. Who they tell you you should be, what they tell you, you should look like. What made you think you weren't born to impact the perspective of the world. Black women you are beautiful, in all your shades, you are timeless, white women, asian women, latino women, we are the guardians of the household. We are the protectors if you dont believe in your beauty, and your power, why should anybody believe in you? So that guy you've had a crush on for two years wont speak to you, you took a risk on an ex, and he's an ex for a reason, you've made bad choices, it only becomes all about your skin, if you make that be the epicentre of it all. You are queens of glory, and you have to represent your own individuality. We are not photoshopped images in magazines, women who live under the knife, edited versions of ourselves, whether your a feminist, straight, homosexual, black, white, green, you deserve respect if you have been good to those you seek it from. Do not wait for the world to give you that stamp of approval, you will be waiting your whole life. People will always talk, ive learnt it the hard way, and their words can be cruel, yet when they do unless it is constructive criticism, let their ignorance fall on deaf ears.


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