Guess whose back? Getting rid of the emotionally unavailable

The emotionally unavailable guy is ever charming, charismatic and illegally sexy. He's the one despite your urgencies to commit, always has a story. A story for why you dont go out on dates enough, how traumatised he is from past relationships and the underlying effects. The reality is, its not about him, its about you. How many excuses can you make for his unavailability to meet friends and family, for those nights you planned the seduction of your life, and sadly voice message, missed text, something has come up. I have a conclusion.

Sadly the term emotionally unavailable was produced by women who have analytical minds and sought to avoid or deal with feelings of rejection. He's not rejecting me because he feels he can do better.....he has problems. Therefore he's fixable. We fix and we fix, producing nuts and bolts in some of the most extraodinary places, places where they actually dont fit.

Sometimes the man, or the woman of your dreams may not be that interested. Yet why do they keep coming back, and back, and back, and back, and back again. Actually it could be because your emotionally accessible, to their stories, manipulations, and plights. It could be because you are scared of spending time by yourself, with yourself.You could be carrying around baggage from your last relationship, and not know it. There are ghosts which haunt us from our pasts, circle us and keep us maintaining bad, and unuseful habbit. Look at the people who do love you and how do they display their affection, and when the going gets tough, where are they when you need them? Is the line engaged, unavailable, some may find that they've even changed their number. Love yourself above all else, so when these imposters try and present themselves as good guys, implementing themselves into your routine. Simply say, thankyou for your time, have a blessed lifetime.


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