Celebrities with disabilities

Just to let you know for every problem, there is a solution. You are not ill equipped, life has thrown you some knocks, once you get in the zone, you become a warrior and can fight it back. Its one step at a time, one risk at a time, one failure at a time, one rejection at a time. Then there's growth. I've battled with epilepsy most of my life, some imbeciles have laughed about it, assumed i just 'had problems' wrote me off, yet you never write yourself off.

Life is a game of emotional gymnastics, the problem is not many of us are taught how to fall. In gymnastics they teach you how to fall over and over and over again, so the next time you really need to go for that double back flip, when you fall, you dust it off. It doesnt hurt as much. In life we are all failures at something, yet its about how you rise again. We look at celebrities and their evolved image, why cant that be us. The only barriers are in the mind. If your mind is creating a mental block, you need to enforce the message that you are free, and positive change is coming your way. No one on Earth is meant to live forever, but in our lives, its the people we inspire, or impact us, the growth, and most of all the self belief. If machines can fly.........why the hell shouldnt you


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