Mincing the manipulative

Its not that manipulative people, dont understand boundaries, its that they dont respect them. Your boundaries are up because you respect yourself, it is your way of protecting yourself. Manipulators are takers by nature, if your dealing with someone who is selfish and controlling, you have to ask yourself one question. How long am i going to dishonour myself and put up with this. Clever manipulators are reciprocal at times, they can appear giving, but consistently despite their behaviour being wrong, they will look for consistent validation of it. Is this person forever contacting you to have their needs met, and not yours. Is this person forever playing the blame shame guy with everybody else, but they can do no wrong? If you are someone who is consistently being told what to do by an entitled manipulator, how long will this lifestyle be paradise. If your a man how much longer will you be emasculated like this, their behaviour continues because your an enabler. Enablers get walked all over. The manipulator may even make you feel greatful that your associated or linked to them in any way. Fight for your self esteem, let them whip and control the next batch of stupid people allowed into their lives.Its time for you to get your identity back.It's your life, its time to take the reigns back.


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