How to spot a looser and run

Losers are people with mental and emotional drought.The guy who lacks creativity, ideas, but most
of all wisdom. He may have a child, yet his focus is not on the progress of that child, his focus is on competing with you and what your doing. How else do you see a  looser? Looser are always seeing that others have done things wrong. Their like a cancer always eager to suck your life energy and your time bringing about tales of everybody else's failure, yet you look at the state of their lives, this person doesn't even want to try. The only way they can win is by tes. They are the gossips that distract you with tearing down the spirit of others, they are the gossips who distract you with tales of every life story, every disappointment. The worst thing in life is to be a second hand victor, that means you succeeded only because you either encouraged the failures of others, or you took great pleasure in glorifying yourself as things went from bad to worse for them. Their disappointments are simply that, disappointments. They will rise again, yet what will karma bring to your door. For the man who has had kids but his focus isn't on his family, his focus is on competing and distracting people who most days wouldn't acknowledge his existence. I want to be platinum, I want to be successful, I want to be seen as a leader, in order to do so, i'll tear down the lives of others. Strength and leadership is not about fake perception. It's not about being entitled, leaders can smell a pretender from a mile away. A man or woman with no identity, no intellect , whose only vision or goals is to dominate you. Build up your self esteem, ensure you build up your self confidence. This is the key to winning and focus on your happiness.


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