The foreigners of friendship: getting past loosing a friend

Missing someone can be more than painful, that ache of longing, the conversations you wished you had. Missing your best friend is the strangest thing, their there, but their not still there and if your a sensitive soul you feel their presence everywhere. Last night I had a dream about my best friend I was upstairs and the phone rang, it was the old cream phone we had in the living room. I heard a soft voice down the other end of the line, it was vulnerable and innocent just the way she had been, we talked briefly and made plans to meet up and discu

The hardest thing in life is letting people go their presence haunts you, you remember stupid things like the way they laughed, the sparkle in their eye, but most of all who you were at about that time. The happy self, an infinite self, a joyous self, but time changes and life changes us.

There will be days when you feel nostalgic, days when you miss them so much it may hurt, but time is a great healer. We move on and allow new people into our lives, and we learn to create our own happiness.


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