iron girl

image from smashing magazine

Lost girl
I've found your keys
I heard you
Blamed me
When you sneezed
The ink of pen
On shattered foot
Salt dust eyes
Which marred the soot
We blamed the door
It,s panelling
An iron oak
Which promised pain
The eucalyptus womb
Of Eggplant oil
The bits of squealing
Slaughtered brain
The nose it whispers
Paprika scents
Black pepper
Tiles an almost floor
And when you stepped
Beyond the frame
There were no shadows for now before
I christen all the hopes you kept
The dreams
That barked and then they slept
The wizards scar
The trolloppes teeth
The cauldron
Bubbled what you keep
For of the bats which hang and sting
My iron girl
Just turn the key
The watchmen lie near gates
Their eyes they claim
What ghosts don't see


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