Distinctly defining yourself

image from wonderfulengineering

Sometimes we find it hard to like ourselves let alone love ourselves. Others may loathe a confident air, some may see it as someone needing to be brought down a peg or two. Yet here it is another desert for us to peel away at, the banana peel most of us slip on.  The world is full of different types of people, different types help it orbit. If you are a positive person, know this in your spirit, others have a habit of seeing something great in someone and deciding they deserve it for themselves. Then earn it. Don't be the entitled brat in the corner saying the World owes me, just for my presence alone. There are great people who started in life and their journey's defined them. It was their struggle that made them reveal that greatness within. Why not celebrate it. We are magnets and the people we attract to ourselves is often very telling.

We want to attract positive people with a healthy self confidence. There is nothing wrong with having esteem in yourself, the world needs to know who you are. People need to see you, others need to hear your voice, you have no idea what skills or qualities you are bringing to the table and yet if you represent yourself in appropriately, life itself will try and humble you. She is the greatest teacher, the world ever knew.

When you come across someone with a high self esteem, don't be the dimmy downs it, and if you do accept that you may be feeling insecure. Be honest with yourself and the people around you as much as you can be. If you have a problem with honesty it is important, not to lie to ourselves. We are all diamonds in the rough, each revealing their own selection of carats. Celebrate the qualities you do have.


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